Down 2 The Ground (Lower Ground Mix) - Super Fine Junk - Down 2 The Ground (Vinyl)

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2) Drainage. Dig a hole 1 foot square and 1 foot deep and fill that with water. After that water drains away refill the hole with more water and time how long it takes that to drain away. Anything less than 2 hours and your soil drainsâ too quickly and needs more organic matter to slow that drainage down.

 · Many robotic pool cleaners can tackle any kind of pool surface. However, some are made specifically for in-ground or above-ground pools. Also, if you have a vinyl, fiberglass or smooth tile pool, you won’t want a cleaner with a rough brush. You’ll want a robotic cleaner with a soft, grippy PVC brush.

 · Ground Round comes from the rump and usually runs 10 to 15% fat. It can be dry and tough, but has a nice beefy flavor. You will want to add fat. Ground Sirloin comes from the area just in front of the hip, and is usually about 5 to 10% fat. Tends to be dry because it is so low in fat.

 · 2) It’s Cheaper: because I can buy wheat berries in bulk (see here for sources), I can grind my own wheat flour much more cost-effectively than buying already ground wheat flour. 3) It’s Not Just About Flour: Using wheat berries and a grinder, I can not only grind flour, but I can also make cracked wheat and grind a variety of other grains.

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